Safety Measures in our restaurants

UPDATE 03/06: most of our restaurants will reopen on June 9 or June 11.

New arrangements have been made to public areas and sitting facilities for movement control and to respect physical distancing guidelines. Signage is displayed to communicate the various distancing protocols when circulating throughout the hotel. An increase of cleansing and disinfecting of public space and high touch areas has been implemented.

Our restaurants and bars stand for trend, style, and conviviality and needs now to be aligned with social distancing and all regulations. Nevertheless, with our measures, we´re convinced that you will feel at ease.

Practical information

Practical information

Discover the updated opening times, menus & if room service is available.

Opening times
Room Service
Akko Restaurant (Bilzen)
From 11/06: from Monday to Saturday

Monday - Thursday : à la carte or menu
Friday - Sunday : set menu

B'Comme (Louvain-la-Neuve)
From 09/06: 7/7 for lunch and dinner
Closed on Saturday for lunch
à la carte and menu
Eetcafe 't Gasthuis (Bilzen)
From 11/06 : open from Tuesday to Sunday
From 09/06: Open 7/7 for lunch and dinner
Closed on Saturday for lunch
Monday - Thursday, Sunday: à la carte and menu
Friday - Saturday : set menu
Icones (Brussels)
Closed (reopening on August 27 for dinners)
Dishes available - ask reception for details
La Sucrerie (Waterloo)
From 11/06: open for dinner only on Fridays & Saturdays
à la carte (limited choices)
O'Mezzo (Mons)
Closed (reopening mid-August)
The Red's (Tubize)

Restaurant/Food & Beverage safety measures


Update 03/06:

Martin's Dream: open on Fridays & Saturdays (drinks & nibblings)
Martin's Klooster: bar & terrace open
Martin's Patershof: bar & terrace open
Martin's Relais: bar & garden open 

Martin's Brussels EU

Room Service

  • For food and drinks the same settlements apply as for Restaurant & Bar
  • As well for the employees and the food offer
  • The complete order is covered with cloche or foil
  • We deliver room service only to the room door
  • To pick up the tray, it is possible to pick it up or leave it in the room. We ask our guests not to leave the tray in the corridor during this time


Unfortunately, it is not allowed, in the current situation, to offer our extensive breakfast buffet. Of course, alternatives are available. Our hotels are offering different options:

  • Breakfast buffet with service
  • Self-service breakfast buffet
  • Breakfast bags take away
  • Room Service - depending on the hotel